The goal of the Sandusky Transit System (STS) is to provide safe public transportation service to all residents in a timely, courteous and cost-effective manner in order to contribute to their quality of life.

The Sandusky Transit System (STS) is the City of Sandusky’s public transportation service. 


STS operates a Dial-A-Ride service providing curb-to-curb, advance reservation, shared ride transportation service to any destination within Erie County.

Call Dial-A-Ride at: 419.627.0740


STS also operates a fixed route SPARC system providing service from over 60 stop locations within the City of Sandusky, and most of Perkins Township.


For questions or to schedule a ride, please call STS at 419.627.0740.

Note: The Ohio Relay Service [Disclaimer] provides full telephone accessibility which includes: Voice, TTY, ASCII, VCO, Spanish

The Sandusky Transit System is open to the general public including persons with disabilities. In addition, STS vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

There are no restrictions on the purpose or number of trips which may be taken on a time-and-space available basis. Riders are required to share the vehicle with other riders who are traveling at the same time in the same direction. The number of carry on items is limited to what the rider can comfortably carry.

The STS service is funded in part by the City of Sandusky, the Ohio Department of Transportation [Disclaimer], the Federal Transit Administration [Disclaimer] and various local contributing agencies.

Elderly Disabled Application


Complaints or comments about the Sandusky Transit System are taken by the Transit Administrator at the City of Sandusky, Office of Community Development, 419.621.8462. Within seven (7) days of the receipt of a question and/or complaint, City staff shall provide a verbal (with written documentation on file) and/or written response to such question or complaint.

Transit App
Download the Transit app for all of STS’s route information & service alerts.


Fixed Route

For more information about STS, call 419.627.0740. Ohio Relay Service 1.800.750.0750.

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