Perkins Township is considered a Small MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) Operator under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Phase 2 Storm Water Rule.

Since 2003, the Township has been a member of the Erie County Storm Water Committee cooperating with other Erie County jurisdictions to implement the Erie County Urbanized Area Storm Water Management Plan. The Township works with the Erie Conservation District and is tasked with implementing regulations and policies to improve and protect water quality in area streams and ultimately our Great Lake, Erie.

Water Management
As a home or business owner, water can become the enemy very quickly. Proper drainage facilities are one of the most valuable investments that can be made by an owner. Excess water ponding or pooling in and around structures can cause significant maintenance issues. Proper grading and drainage systems are necessary the owner’s investments.

Not only should drainage systems be installed, but regular inspection and maintenance should also be performed to insure the systems continue to function properly. Small, incremental investments in maintenance over time will prevent significant property damage and losses from flooding caused by a system that fails through neglect.


Civil law, through court action, determines whether a change in the flow of water is “reasonable” on a case-by-case basis. Landowners have the right to make “reasonable” changes in the flow of water to protect their property from damage, but may incur liability for changes that “unreasonably” affect neighboring properties.

The district can provide an on-site investigation and evaluation for a landowner to provide guidance and recommendations on handling drainage water.

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