Fire Prevention

With over 833 businesses in Perkins Township our Fire Inspection and Prevention Program is one of the busiest in Erie County. Leading this division is Fire Marshall Keith Eastman who has served Perkins Township for over 18 years/ Our Inspection Office is located at 3003 Campbell St. in our No. 2 Fire Station. You can contact Marshall Eastman at

The Perkins Township Fire Department assists the Building and Zoning Department with enforcement and abatement of the International Property Maintenance Code.


  • Fire Safety Inspections
  • State Fire Code Enforcement
  • Extinguisher Training
  • Home Inspections for Residents
  • Education in our Schools
  • Open Burning Enforcement
  • Pre-Construction Counseling for businesses and contractors
  • Foster Home Inspections
  • Arson Investigation
  • Juvenile Fire Setter Counseling

Knox Boxes

Perkins Township supports the use of Knox Boxes on residential and commercial structures. A Knox Box eliminates forced entry which means no property damage and no replacement costs for broken windows and forced door frames or locks. It also means no flying glass to injure firefighters.

A Knox box is a high security box system, designed to give firefighters and emergency services immediate access to locked buildings, elevators, and other secured areas. This Knox Box will be mounted securely on the exterior of a building and will house all necessary keys to the building which is only accessible by the Fire Department who has a master key that opens the box.

Safety Town

The Perkins Township Fire Department hosts a Safety Town event for all incoming kindergarten students to Perkins Schools teaching them about bus safety, water safety, healthy safety, fire safety, and police safety.

Recent Trainings

Bail Out Kits

Firefighters have a bail out system built into our gear that consist of a harness, hook, rope, and a device to control the fall.

The equipment is used as a last resort if the fire conditions rapidly decrease and the firefighter is left with no other options for escape.

Hayes Ave Live House Burn


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