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In the fall of 1951 the Perkins Township Trustees held a public meeting at the Perkins Grange Hall and presented the idea of organizing a volunteer fire department to the community. At the November elections of that year the residents voted to support this project; thus the Perkins Township Fire Department came into being. Several meetings later plans were outlined by the Trustees and discussed with the farmers, industries and other residents of the community. Volunteers were accepted, a fire chief hired and the necessary equipment was purchased. In the few short months that followed the members attended night school and weekend classes to complete their training. On January 1, 1953 the department was officially in operation with a group of trained men fully equipped.

Chief Sartor was born in Perkins Township and was a resident until 1927 when he entered the U.S. Navy. In 1940 he became a member of the Norfolk, Va. Naval Ship Yard Fire Dept., after completing 12 years in the Navy. He received extensive schooling in various phases of fire fighting and was promoted to engineer with the Norfolk Department. During World War II he saw extensive service with the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theatre.

Following this he returned to the Naval Fire Dept. at Norfolk Ship Yard and served in the capacities of Captain and Asst. Chief until November, 1952 when he accepted the position of Fire Chief with the Perkins Township Fire Department. Chief Sartor with his varied experience in firefighting was instrumental in training and equipping the Perkins Dept. for this type of service. He is also familiar with disaster measures following atomic attack.

He is married to the former Ruth Waters of Long Island, N.Y. and has 3 children. Chief Sartor and his family will occupy the quarters designed for the Fire Chief at the new Fire Station on Bogart Road.


Left to Right Back Row – L. Maschari, E. Zolinak, R. Zeck, J. Molnar, G. Mitchell, G. Sartor, C. Ross.

Middle Row – G. Staley, A. Dee, A. Kuemmel, R.Spiegel, A. Speer, E. Schart, D. Ehrhardt

Front Row – Capt. G. Havice, Asst.Chief R. Heidl, Chief L. Sartor, Deputy Chief H. Bruens, Capt. H.Hauritz.

Missing from the photo – F. Sartor, V. Green, D. Bundschuh, A. Cudnik, F. Collella


4 ton chassis, equipped by the American Fire Apparatus Co., Battle Creek Michigan.

Centrifugal 4 stage pump designed to pump high pressure and low pressure fog simultaneously. 800 gallon water carrying capacity. Portable lighting generator with floodlights. Portable water pump. 2 electric rewind hose reels. 2 1/2″ hose, 1850 ft.; 1 1/2″ hose, 800 ft.; 1″ booster hose, 400 ft.

This unit is equipped with the latest fog and hi-pressure nozzles and various extinguishers and tools. Boots, hard helmets and raincoats are also carried.

Engine No. 2 Dodge

2 1/2 ton chassis purchased from Lake Township Fire Dept., and modified by the Harry Sutphens Co., Columbus, Ohio.

Front mounted pressure pump. Portable water pump. Portable fire extinguishers (various) 2 1/2″ hose, 700 ft.,; 1 1/2″ hose, 200 ft.; 1″ booster hose, 200 ft.

This unit is designed primarily for small fires and as an auxiliary carrier for water, hose and extra equipment

Station 1 (Bogart Road) our original fire station was first placed into service in 1953.  This was the only station in the Township until station 2 was built in 1959.  Records indicate that station 1 was closed in 1983 due to “hard financial times.”

Station 2 (Campbell Street) was opened in 1959 serving as the departmental headquarters.  Station 2 houses the fire chief’s office, fire prevention bureau, and shift commander.  Engine 224, Ambulance 212, Brush 241, and the technical rescue trailer are housed at this station.  Station 2 also houses the reserve fleet of Engine 223 and Ambulance 211.  Station 2 is responsible for covering the township west of Columbus Ave along with half of the Ohio Veterans Home, Perkins Ave up to Milan Road, and the Columbus Park subdivision. 

Station 3 (Milan Road) was opened in 1968 serving the Eastside of the Township including the Milan Road corridor and NASA Plum Brook Station.  Station 3 houses Engine 222, Ambulance 213, and Tower-Ladder 252.  Station 3’s first due area is the Township east of Columbus Ave.

Fire Department

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