Towards the end of 2019, Perkins Township began a strategic planning process,
that was put on pause with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In those years
since, communities across the country have seen significant change. At the
beginning of 2022, Perkins Township decided to revisit their strategic planning
process and sought outside help. In May 2022, Perkins Township hired Burges
& Burges Strategists to help develop a new Strategic Plan, rooted in community
input and residents perspectives.

To begin the strategic planning process, Burges & Burges Strategists met with
the Perkins Township leadership and administration to review past mission and
vision statements, the draft 2019 Strategic Plan crafted by Perkins Township,
and the overall timeline of creating a new Strategic Plan.

This group, consisting of ten Perkins Township staff members and three Burges
& Burges team members, met on three separate occasions.

To gather community input, Burges & Burges Strategists conducted a three
month research process including: facilitating community stakeholder input
throughout two in-person sessions; reviewing previous strategic plan goals;
analyzing Perkins mission and vision statements; an online community survey;
and guiding discussions for a Perkins leadership group. The following report
communicates our findings and offers strategic recommendations to Perkins

Secondly, Perkins Township and Burges & Burges Strategists met with a group
of 30 Perkins stakeholders on two separate occasions, once in June 2022 and
once in July 2022, in order to seek community input regarding a new Strategic
Plan. The attached document represents the outcome of those meetings and

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