How Do I Get Streetlights In My Neighborhood?

The area where the streetlights are proposed must be platted and be on an accepted public road, a street light district is created and at least 50% of the property owners within that district must sign a petition agreeing to pay for the installation and operation of the streetlights. That petition is presented to the Perkins Township Board of Trustees and they determine whether the streetlights are a necessity. If they agree, Ohio Edison is contacted to determine the number of streetlights needed and the estimated cost of installation and operation of the lights. That amount is assessed to the property owners tax duplicate.

Residents have the following options to report streetlight outage or needed repairs:

Contact Ohio Edison directly at 1-800-589-3101

Click here and fill out the on-line reporting form

Many of our neighborhoods have streetlights that are maintained by Ohio Edison.

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