The Department has a staff of 32 dedicated firefighters with most being additionally trained in various levels of emergency medical services, technical rescue, fire-safety inspection, public education, and Fire/EMS instruction. 

Firefighters work from two firehouses strategically placed in the township with a staffing of six to eight firefighters per day.  Full-time firefighters work rotating 24 shifts utilizing part-time firefighters to fill a dedicated spot every day, vacations, and backfills.


Chief David Murphy

Fire Marshal Keith Eastman

Capt. Brent Bronner

Shift 1

Capt. Mike Pflieger

LT. Brian Casper

FF/PM A. Matt Triana

FF/PM Sean Finnegan

FF/PM Brad Zieber

FF/PM Brian Martin

FF/PM Zach Taylor

FF/EMT Josh Ramos

Shift 2

Capt. Brad Baer

LT. Bill Lafene

FF/ADV Brian Hackenburg

FF/PM Bryan Brace

FF/PM Ben Gotschall

FF/PM Dan Sharpe

FF/PM Robert Holm

FF/PM Austin Steindl

FF/PM Justin Galloway

Shift 3

Capt. Eric Pearson

LT. Brian Irvan

FF/ADV Dan Yost

FF/PM Troy Barker

FF/PM Levi Soule

FF/PM Keith Killingsworth

FF/PM Riley Rospert

FF/EMT Dylan Willard

Part Time Staff

FF/EMT Ethan Felton

FF/PM Erica Gedridge

FF/EMT Miguel Hall-Tackett

FF/PM Scott Hillman

FF/PM Ben Roberts

FF/PM Tyler Sams

FF/EMT Kye Stevens

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