The Department has a staff of 32 dedicated firefighters with most being additionally trained in various levels of emergency medical services, technical rescue, fire-safety inspection, public education, and Fire/EMS instruction. 

Firefighters work from two firehouses strategically placed in the township with a staffing of six to eight firefighters per day.  Full-time firefighters work rotating 24 shifts utilizing part-time firefighters to fill a dedicated spot every day, vacations, and backfills.


Chief David Murphy

Fire Marshal Keith Eastman




Capt. Brent Bronner

Capt. James Johnson

Capt. Eric Pearson

Lt.  Mike Pflieger

Lt. William LaFene

Lt. Bradley Baer

FF/PM Brian Casper

FF/ADV Brian Hackenburg

FF/ADV Daniel Yost

FF/PM Sean Finnegan

FF/PM Bryan Brace

FF/PM Troy Barker

FF/PM Brad Zieber

FF/PM Brian Martin

FF/PM Angelo Triana

FF/EMT Ben Gotschall

FF/PM Brian Irvan

FF/PM Levi Soule

FF/PM Zachary Taylor

FF/PM Daniel Sharpe

FF/PM Keith Killingsworth

FF/PM Riley Rospert

FF/EMT Robert Holm

FF/EMT Austin Steindl

Part-Time Staff

FF/EMT Mitchell Davis

FF/EMT Miguel Hall-Tackett

FF/PM Tyler Sams

FF/EMT Ethan Felton

FF/PM Scott Hillman

FF/EMT Kye Stevens

FF/PM Erica Gedridge

FF/PM Benjamin Roberts


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