Leaf collection is scheduled each year in the fall.

The leaf truck travels through the Township from the east side to the west side. Weather permitting, the leaf pick-up program will typically continue through December.

October 31, 2023

The Public Works Department will begin its annual leaf collection throughout the Township starting November 13th. Random pick-ups have started this week.
The collections will be done on a rotating basis from east to west. We will make numerous passes through the Township so if your leaves are not out, don’t worry, we will be back!

Collections will continue until leaves are removed from the neighborhoods provided that the weather cooperates.

An update on where the truck will be is posted on our Facebook page each morning, starting November 13th.

* Leaves should be placed along the property owner’s lot.
* Do not put leaves in the street, on the curb, or near gutters to ensure that drainage is not affected.
* Leaf piles should be free from plant materials, sticks, and debris to prevent damage from the leaf collection truck.
* If leaf piles contain debris, the leaves will not be picked up.
* Please do not place leaves in any bags, including paper bags.
* Please move vehicles parked in front of leaves. If vehicles block the leaves we cannot collect them.

For questions about the Township’s Leaf Collection Program please contact the Public Works Department between the hours of 7:30am and 3:00pm @ 419-609-1433

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