We’re joining with our planning colleagues from across the country to celebrate who planners are and the lasting value thoughtful planning has on communities of all sizes.

National Planning Month – October 2024

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What is National Community Planning Month?
Established in 2006, National Community Planning Month is celebrated each October as a way to highlight the role of planners and the importance of good planning in our communities. Across the country, communities celebrate planning through a variety of avenues including have a mayoral proclamation declaring October as community planning month. Planning is essential for our communities to prosper and maintain balance and cohesiveness..

Why celebrate Planning?
National Community Planning Month is our chance to raise the visibility of planning, the planning profession, and to highlight the positive impact it has on your community. It is also an opportunity for us to share stories with you about the importance of planning in Perkins Township.

Meet the Team
The Perkins Township Planning Team has a combined experience of over 40 years! They have expertise in City Planning, Comprehensive Planning, Zoning, Economic Development, Research, Public Policy, Design and Project Management. Their work is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between planning decisions and the environmental, public health, fiscal and livability challenges facing Perkins Township.

Planning Messages
During October of each year is a great time for us to highlight the important role of planning in Perkins Township. Planning can be summed up as comprehensive, community-focused and enhancing choices. While many people may not realize it, planning has a significant impact on their day-to-day life. From where they live, to how they commute, to the type of home they live in, planning plays a vital role in a person’s day.

Planners help create communities of lasting value. In a public opinion poll from 2014, APA found that 67 percent of poll respondents believe community planning is important for economic recovery.

Planners are skilled at balancing the varied interests and viewpoints that emerge as a community plans its future. Planners consider what is best for the entire community – senior citizens, workers, children, disabled, business owners, and elected officials. How do they arrive at these community-wide decisions? Through conversations with residents and thoughtful outreach to community stakeholders.

Planners work for the greater good. Planners work with professionals from different fields such as public health, recreation and engineering to make communities safer and healthier. Planning does not stop at a geographic border. Communities are served best when planners take a broader viewpoint, encompassing regional and statewide perspectives.

Planners have the unique expertise to comprehensively address the impacts of today’s actions on tomorrow’s communities. Planners do not just focus on where to locate (or site) a building, but also consider how that decision impacts the safety of the community, the existing character of the community, how it impacts the environmental resiliency, and if the decision encourages social and economic diversity.

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