Our Mission

Perkins Township Police Department is dedicated to protecting life, liberty, and justice. We are committed to providing fair and equal treatment to everyone in our community.

Core Values:
Pride – Pride in a job well done- Performance and service driven
Integrity- Doing the right thing when no-one is watching
Professionalism- Standards set forth to maintain a positive workforce atmosphere proving employees commitment to the community


  • Developing well trained, ethical and accountable employees
  • Earn and keep public trust
    Collaboration with the community



  • Uphold the U.S. Constitution and civil rights of citizens
  • Reduce crime and enhance the safety and security of Perkins’ residents, visitors, and businesses.
  • Remain a viable part of accomplishing the overall goals and objectives of Perkins Township as a whole.


Unclaimed Property

Perkins Township Police Department has accumulated lost, found, or abandoned property including, but not limited to bicycles and money. If you believe any such property may belong to you, submit a WRITTEN claim to the Perkins Police Department, % Evidence Officer, 2610 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, OH 44870. Include description of property; approximate date and location of loss; and your name, address, and a contact telephone number.

Any property not claimed after 30 days will be subject to disposal.

Diane Schaefer,
Perkins Township Fiscal Officer
November 24, 2018

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