COVID -19 Update

March 18th, 2020

As the pandemic progresses, we want to keep our community informed on changes in our Police Department procedures. While we will always provide police services to the community, we are changing some of the ways we operate in order to protect our employees and the community related to the Coronavirus. We will be enacting the following changes in procedure until further notice.

We will take police reports over the phone for reports where person to person contact is not necessary.
Crimes in progress and crimes of violence will be answered in normal fashion as always.
While the administrative side of the Perkins Township Facility is closed, the police lobby will remain open.
We have provided products for our officers to clean their cruisers and have introduced hand sanitize stations within the department.

We have asked officers to limit person to person contact as much as possible but in our job it is not easy to always have limited contact. We ask everyone to take the social distancing seriously, that is keeping at least six feet of distance between persons.

If you call for police services, the Sheriff’s Dispatch center will be asking if you have symptoms of Covid 19. If you do please tell the officer again when they first get on scene so precautions can be taken immediately.

The concern for everyone’s health and the careful balance of our duty to protect and serve is something we take very serious. We certainly hope that the proactive measures the State, local governments, and citizens are taking will mitigate the spread of this virus. We would like nothing more than to get back to business as usual, but until that happens remember to have patience, be kind, and lookout for your fellow human especially our young people and senior citizens, the most affected. If you know of a senior or disabled neighbor that may need checked on, please do not hesitate to called us so that we check on them.

Be safe ~ Chief Parthemore

We welcome three new officers to the full time ranks of Perkins PD. These Officers are filling vacancies and are not new positions.

This brings our full time staffing back up to the level of 22 full time officers.

Sean Collins comes to us from Cedar Point PD.

Michael Jarrett Jr was previously at Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office, and Tyler Rospert was formerly from Sandusky PD.

Please welcome them to the Perkins family!

Perkins Safety Township 2019 – June 14, 2019

We have volunteers from the Police, Fire, and Administrative divisions of the Township provide safety instruction to the kids during this week.

Potential Fraud Alerts

Perkins Township Police would like everyone to be aware of an ongoing scam in our area.  Residents and businesses are being contacted by persons representing themselves as their electric utility provider.  The caller informs the resident that their electric bill is overdue and that their electricity is going to be shut off immediately if a payment is not made.  The caller instructs the resident to purchase a Green Dot money card to make an instant payment.

If you receive a call similar to this one, please do not follow through with their request.  If you ever have reason to question a call such as this, either contact your local police, or, contact the utility company directly.

Here is a link to First Energy’s web site that details this scam and also provides a link to Green Dot to request a refund if you have been a victim of this scam.

Once again we have been fielding complaints of phone and email scams of subjects claiming to be with the IRS stating the homeowner owes money and if they don’t pay they could be arrested. These calls and emails are scams and we have attached a link for more information on these scams. We ask that you address these calls and emails as what they are and that is a scam and don ‘t reply or give any information. Please warn the seniors in your family about these calls as well.

Perkins Police are aware of a phishing scam where calls are made to residents from someone claiming to be from area financial institutions, including Vacationland Federal Credit Union.

If you receive a call from anyone claiming that your debit, credit, or account information has been compromised, cancelled, blocked, etc.,

DO NOT give out any financial or personal information. 

Instead, hang up and call your financial institution or Perkins Police at 419-627-0824.

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